You. Are. Beautiful.

by rickandteresa on December 9, 2014

brides1 e1418083416625 You. Are. Beautiful.

It is true, you are beautiful. And the thing we love to do is show you and the world just how beautiful, by taking gorgeous pictures of you.  We want you to not only have the most amazing wedding day, but to have the most amazing pictures to help you look back on and remember, and know, how beautiful you really are.

Now it’s hard for a bride not to be stunning on her wedding day, but you can be even more beautiful for your photographs if you are able to be relaxed and at your best. After years of doing weddings, here are our best tips:

~ Invest in professional hair & make-up for wedding day, and practice styles & looks before your big day. Wedding day is not the day to try something new. Leaving hair & make-up to experts on wedding day means you get to relax & enjoy the pampering. Just be sure to start early enough in the day so that you can be finished and photo-ready by at least 2 hours before the ceremony. This  will allow us ample time to get amazing shots of you and your bridesmaids as you anticipate your “I do’s.”

~ Assign a day-of point person to execute your plans & vision for wedding day. This is so important to enjoying a stress free day and to have genuine smiles for your photos. When a snap decision needs to be made regarding the food or the DJ has a question, having someone you trust be the go-to person for all those things that can and will come up on wedding day puts the burden on them, and not on you. Your peacefulness will help you radiate even more in your pictures.

~ Trust your photographer to lead you through the day. How amazing your pictures are directly relates to our appeal to future brides… get it? 🙂  It is of utmost importance to us to create gorgeous pictures, and we have a lot of experience doing it, AND we love it. And we make sure we plan your wedding photography in detail before your special day, so that we go into the day with ideas and goals for the photos sessions we will do throughout your day. So, trust us as we make suggestions in the moment and give you direction during your day. It is for a purpose, to wow you, to give you the best memories, and to show you that without a doubt, you are beautiful.

Planning to get engaged or get married next year? Or know someone? Please pass this along. And sign-up on our website to see if we are available to do your proposal, engagement or wedding pictures. It would be our honor to work with you.

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~Rick & Teresa Anderson

IMG 7831 e1415667828388 You. Are. Beautiful.



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