We Make Sure You SHINE In Business!

by rickandteresa on September 12, 2013

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You might have noticed our banner says… Photography for weddings, portraits and business. Seems self-explanatory, but we’d love to share what is really in our heart about this.

We are a professional photography business, and we take it seriously that we are to provide the most professional, highest quality, service possible. For us, this means using current high grade camera & lighting equipment, computers, software, other technology, and staying on top of current trends and industry standards. We make sure we are providing an excellent product and service, through and through!

But even more than that, at the heart of our business model and plan, is to give you the thing we believe you want most… to SHINE in your photos. To not only look your best, but to have images that reflect your best and shining self! For business, this is especially important to us because we know that your photograph, or image, ┬áis just as important as anything else in selling your brand, if not more important.

We recently had the fun opportunity to photograph two different clients in one week for their real estate business cards and marketing material. Working on these images was another reminder to us of how much we enjoy bringing out the very best in our clients while taking their picture and then processing their images in our office.

Below are two shots of one of our recent clients. One of them was her favorite, and the other was ours. Which one do you like better, and why? We’d love for you to comment below and let us know!

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Until next time,

Dream BIG and Love WELL!

~Rick & Teresa Anderson

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