Today’s Secrets To Getting & Keeping Customers

by rickandteresa on April 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014 04 01 at 7.25.07 PM copy e1396406397503 Todays Secrets To Getting & Keeping Customers

As a professional photography business, one of our first-and-foremost goals is to make you, our client, look your very best. Why? Because we understand that YOUR goal is to look your very best, to put your best “face” forward. Having great images helps further you in your endeavors, especially when it comes to business. Whether we are photographing the business person or the person’s business, we really want to help you succeed. When you shine, we shine!

And when it comes to your business, we relate to you as a business. We understand the challenges of running a business and growing a client base, as we face the same challenges. We are on the same team with you, going after our entrepreneurial dreams and wanting to make our mark in this world doing what we love and supporting our families, and giving back to our communities! We know your dream is the same.

One of the main reasons we love doing the Google Business View photography and creating 360 tours for businesses, is because we truly see the value in the program as a marketing tool. Today’s customers are online searching for where they will visit and shop, and being able to experience the 360 tour of a business only HELPS the decision making process!

We are also learning the value of a customer loyalty program in growing your business. What is that? It’s a system of rewards and incentives to inspire customers to keep coming back and to continue to buy from you. What makes for an effective customer loyalty program? Here are a few things: Giving generous rewards, Keeping the program easy to understand, Keeping the program fun and engaging for the customer, Designing the program to truly benefit the customer (study and KNOW your client!!!), and Takes advantage of current technology.

In a nutshell, a good customer loyalty program will help to differentiate your business from others in this highly competitive marketplace where simply being “the cheapest” isn’t enough (and, let’s face it, isn’t profitable!). You want and need to give your customers reasons to keep coming back and to keep buying!

Are you doing everything you can to use current and effective marketing strategies to acquire, grow & retain your client base? TALK TO US about Google Business View and how a 360 tour can give your business an online facelift, and bring your business to life, AND how a customer loyalty program might benefit you.

When you shine, we shine! We want to help you succeed and put your best “face” forward. Please comment below or contact us to talk more about how we can help you!

To Your Success,

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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