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by rickandteresa on July 25, 2013

I’m treating today’s post somewhat like a journal entry. I’m speaking from the heart wanting to share just a little about who we are, where we are in life & business, and our vision in building relationships with clients that last.

Rick and I have been married eight years, we have two boys ages 5 and 2, and we work from home (except when Rick is photographing on location!). I’ve noticed lately the term being used is “work-at-home-mom” (WAHM)? Well, we are so blessed to say that we are WAHP (work-at-home-parents). This is really a dream-come-true for us, to partner together in business and to be at home with our children while they are small. Our business is a dream-come-true because Rick LOVES photography and has since he was a very young man. To be running a full time photography business 20 years after first starting to photograph professionally is an incredible blessing. Is it okay for me to say he is a brilliant photographer? He’s the one who is the artist, after all, and it’s his work, not mine that I’m touting. 🙂 My passion lies in serving my family, serving clients, utilizing my project management skills, and supporting my husband. We are pretty down-to-earth, “regular” type people, who love our work, love to impress clients and more-than-exceed expectations, who care a great deal about the details and small things that make a big difference, and who love God. What makes us not-so-regular we think, is that we have a passion to be a leader in our industry, to improve peoples’ lives through their experience with us, and to bring positive change into the world.

Rick comes from a smaller town in the middle of the larger metropolitan area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Though he was surrounded in a larger sense by the hustle and bustle of city life, the cultural diversity, rich history, interesting people and art, etc., in every day “normal” life in this smaller city he found himself in doing business day to day in “mom and pop” type shops where he had a relationship with the owners. They knew his name, his family, and greeted him personally when he entered the store. He went to the same businesses over and over again because of the relationship that was established. I moved around more growing up (being in a military family), but I was able to enjoy the same type of experience in some communities. Still today, Rick and I agree that we prefer going to businesses where we can know the owner and have a relationship with them and their staff, and go there over and over. Of course, we expect to get quality products and services, and always enjoy a good bargain, but we place as much value on the relationship as anything else.

That’s the kind of business we purpose to operate. Where we invest in the client relationship at the outset and throughout our time together. Our hope is to work with you from engagement to the altar and for many years to come. We hope to take your pictures, your kids’ pictures, pictures for your business, and whatever photography needs your family or business might have. We want you to benefit from the years of experience and knowledge we have in photography, and give you not only the highest quality of images, but also tips and suggestions for looking your best in photos. If you’re getting married, we want to partner with you to give you the best engagement and wedding photos and products possible. We want to help you feel comfortable, naturally beautiful, less stressed, and more in love (if possible!). If you’re a business, we want to partner with you to give you professional photos and amazing 360 virtual tours for marketing. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that you, your family, event, and business are reflected in the very best possible way in your photographs, and to give you not just stunning images but also an exceptional experience. We look forward to getting to know you and becoming your “photographer for life.”

But, this is just our point of view… 🙂

All Our Best to You!

Rick & Teresa Anderson

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Rick & Teresa Anderson, of Anderson Images, offer wedding, portrait and business photography, as well as advice on how to look your very best in pictures (for people and businesses). Find them on Facebook at FB.com/RickandTeresaAnderson.

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Christine Spitzer July 26, 2013 at 2:40 am

I enjoyed your blog very much. You sound like people I want to know and do business with! May God richly bless you!



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