Journey From Engagement To The Aisle

by rickandteresa on August 26, 2013

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Warning! This article is mostly meant for those who’ve just only just started their wedding planning process, and who haven’t taken any professional pictures together YET. However, if you’re a little ways down the wedding planning path toward the big day and you’ve already had a friend or relative shoot your engagement pictures, this will help you, too! For the rest of you, pass this along to someone you know who may be getting married in the future… 🙂

One question we get fairly often is, can we save money on our package if we don’t have you take our engagement pictures? What we then do our best to explain, is that the value of having us begin our journey together at the outset with an engagement (or even save-the-date) session is greater than dollars that might be saved if we did not include the engagement session in your wedding package.

In fact, what we tell couples is that all of our wedding packages INCLUDE the engagement session at no extra cost because they are that important in the ensuring the overall results of your wedding photography. Why so important? Because we are going to be photographing only THE MOST special day of your life (up until then, anyways!), and we’d like to get to know you by working with you before that important day.

Here’s why. At the most practical level, it helps the break the ice between us so it’s more like you’re working with friends on wedding day instead of virtual strangers. Your ability to get comfortable with us while your picture is being taken helps to ensure that you get the best pictures possible on wedding day.

The engagement session allows us the opportunity to give you direction & help coach you through the process of having your picture taken. It gives us a feel for how you respond to the camera, how you photograph, and your style. It gives us a glimpse of your relationship which helps us to plan for capturing the emotions and those intimate moments between you, better on wedding day.

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The bottom line is that we know you are spending a chunk of your wedding budget on photography, and we truly want to help you get the most for your investment! That is why we will kindly explain to every couple our desire to be part of their journey from engagement to the aisle…

Dream BIG and Love WELL!

~Rick & Teresa Anderson

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