It’s Been Awhile…

by rickandteresa on June 23, 2016

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Yes, it has been awhile since our last post. Sorry about that! Making a new commitment to keep posting regularly despite whatever else is going on. And there has been SO MUCH going on! Here’s a little update…

We are a busy family with three boys, ages 13, 8 and 5. The oldest is actually our nephew Cyrill and he’s been with us a little over a year now. He’s a kind, smart, funny, generous teenager with gorgeous curly hair and a passion for video games. He’s a blessing to our family! He just finished eighth grade and is looking forward to high school! Isaac is our 8 year old going on 9, preparing to enter 4th grade, and he is awesome. He’s our first born miracle baby whose name means laughter and he’s our promise-from-God-fulfilled. He’s creative and curious with a great imagination and an entrepreneurial mind. Hopefully he earns a tons of money at a young age and helps take care of his aging parents! Ha! Judah is our youngest and he is a joy. He’s excited to start kindergarten this fall! He’s fearless like his daddy, full of energy and spunk, and also has the sweetest, most tender heart. We hope he gets into college on a full sports scholarship! 🙂

Our boys keep us very busy, and when we are not playing with them, helping with homework, serving or cleaning up after them or driving them around, we are working. Work for us these days is mostly on our photography business where we are busy with weddings and school photography with a sprinkling of photo booth and real estate photography mixed in. Rick’s passion for and commitment to creating beautiful images of people, places, and things, remains strong and a driving force in his life, and his work shows it. I continue to support the business by doing all the administrative side, which I love.

With the boys a little older, I’m also now working part time as a substitute teacher in the local elementary schools, and really enjoying working with the kids. This year I have, in addition, become a wellness advocate with doTerra Essential Oils. We started using essential oils when we bought our first kit last December. That kit has replaced all the other medicines in our cabinet, supporting our family beautifully through flu and allergy season, helping us with upset tummies, sleep issues, mood swings, bug season, headaches, and on and on… That with the vitamins and the grapefruit oil I started using this year have also helped me to lose the last of my baby weight (after 5 years of struggling with those “last 10”). I’ve never felt better about my health, and I’m enjoying helping others to experience the benefits of essential oils.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a lot of things about my life and our lives. All the things that have gone on to bring us to today. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And our faith that has carried us through. The words “shine brighter” popped into my mind yesterday as I was thinking about our desire to help others and what it means to us. We want to help you shine brighter, in your pictures, in your faith, in your health, in your journey in life! I hope you will allow me to post my musings about what this means over this summer.

Speaking of summer, it just started this week! I’m always excited for a new season. This one is going to be great. More to come on that…. Let’s agree to shine brighter together!

Love and friendship,


(the photo featured here is of one of our couples who married last year. Rick photographed them at the Golden Gate Bridge)

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