I Got My Digital Files! Now What?

by rickandteresa on September 16, 2013

item 0011 e1379347785670 I Got My Digital Files! Now What?

We get it. Weddings cost a lot, and you want to figure out ways to save on expenses, so you buy the digital photography package and get the image files. But now the wedding is over and what are you going to do with the image files?

Well, may we make a suggestion? There are so many options for printing and it doesn’t have to be super expensive. And, when you think of it, it was probably the single most important day of your life (up to that point), and you don’t want the memories of your day to just live on a disk or in your computer, do you? Consider a few of these options:

Option 1: Make An Album. Okay, we might have a bias, since we are wedding photographers, but we believe the best way to show off your beautiful images is to showcase them in an album! The top image shows an example of a 2 page spread that we might design. We design our own layouts using actual images from your wedding for the background. We would always love for you to ask us to design your album, but there are plenty of other album design companies and software out there for you to choose from if you are a “do it yourself” type! Here is another spread example we love because it tells the story of the bride anticipating seeing her groom for the first time:

item 0004 e1379349976919 I Got My Digital Files! Now What?

Option 2: Print Wall Displays. One of our current favorite options is to print a selection of favorite wedding image as a wall cluster, where the images are printed with a high quality finish, such as metallic finish for a real pop, and mounted on a hard material such as styrene, and then arranged and hung without frames. Here is a sample of an arrangement we created and printed for a client:

gina anthony I Got My Digital Files! Now What?Option 3: Engagement Photo Print Ideas. Most likely you got the digital files from your engagement session, and here are a couple ideas we love for printing those images. One is to build a photo album similar in style to your wedding album. Note you can also build a single album page and print that as a stand alone for display in your home. Below is a sample of that.

item 0008 1 e1379349718239 I Got My Digital Files! Now What?

And the last option we wanted to mention (though there are tons more options out there!), is to print a photo book as a guest signing book at your wedding. This is a fabulous update to the traditional guest signing book you see at weddings, and it makes for an even more beautiful keepsake. Note in the sample below we show the screen capture of the layout we created for our bride, and the pages include images from her engagement session as well as images of her and her fiance growing up, which she sent to us.

engagement book e1379352247508 I Got My Digital Files! Now What?

This book leaves plenty of white space for guests to sign, and note there are a variety of cover styles available when you send to print, including colors to match your wedding colors, and materials to match your style.

There, now you have some ideas for what to do with your digital files. Remember you can always check with us on options and pricing if you want to leave it to the pros and feel confident in a quality result. And, here’s a bonus tip: your very best bet on getting “more for less” is to contract up front for your package to include prints or albums. We are always prepared to bargain in your favor in this area because that is how excited we are to make sure that your images don’t live forever on a disk in a drawer!

Dream BIG and Love WELL, friends!

~ Rick & Teresa

photo 41 e1374785561708 I Got My Digital Files! Now What?We are booking now for 2014 weddings & have limited availability for 2013 weddings. Contact us today to find out about discounts and offers currently available! Also, we’d LOVE to connect with you on Facebook!

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