Five Tips to Looking Your Best in Your Outdoor Portraits

by rickandteresa on June 2, 2013

5 Tips for Looking Your Best In Your Outdoor Portraits:

Our job as professional photographers is to make you SHINE, and here are 5 things you can do to help look your best in your outdoor family, couple, or senior portrait session.

1.  RELAX, be your amazing self, and TRUST your photographer to be the professional that he or she is.  Follow direction and expect the best, and you won’t be disappointed!

2.  For “what to wear” in outdoor pictures, stick to clothes that are casual, comfortable, that you feel great in, and that won’t distract from your beautiful face! That means wearing layered solids and avoiding patterns, cartoons or logos.  n general, earth tones and gemstone colors are nice. Darker colors on top tend to work better and white is to be avoided. Accessories that reflect your personality can be fine but you want to keep your look timeless and not super trendy.

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3.  For grooming (hair and make-up), treat your portrait session like it’s a fancy occasion. Even though you may be wearing something more on the casual side, you want to make sure your hair is nicely (though simply) styled. It’s best to style your hair off your face (so you’re not creating shadows or covering your beautiful eyes). We recommend that women wear make-up and lip color for your session and especially powder (men, too!) to keep your face from being shiny. It’s okay to go a little heavier with make-up for your portrait session!

4.  Be aware of your body and posture while posing! Stand or sit-up straight and NO slouching! Keep your shoulders back, even, and relaxed, and don’t stand square to the camera. Point your toes and body at an angle to the camera, get close to the other person or people in the photo if you’re not alone, but don’t overly lean or slouch. Above all, follow the direction of your photographer!

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5.  Smile genuinely and brightly. To avoid an unnatural or forced smile, think happy thoughts!  Imagine something funny or think of someone who makes you feel joyful. The happier and more natural your smile, the better!

Thanks for reading our 5 tips to looking better in your outdoor pictures! Look for upcoming tips for indoor or business headshot sessions, and for weddings, including tips just for brides!

Helping you SHINE in love, life, and business…

Rick and Teresa Anderson


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