Don’t Say, “I Can’t.” Say, “I Choose!”

by rickandteresa on September 26, 2013

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It’s the elephant in the room. We sit with you to discuss the wedding of your dreams, we hear you tell us everything you hope for in your wedding photography. You want it all. The full day coverage with a 2nd photographer, a big beautiful wedding album, parent albums, a large canvas gallery wrap of your favorite wedding photo, and all your wedding images on disk. You want it, and we want you to have it! But, then there’s the moment we’ve all been avoiding until we have to put it out there: the price. You hear $3,000 and the first thing you might say is, “I can’t.” Well, please allow us to help shape your perspective, and to take you from, “I can’t,” to “I choose.”

What’s the difference, you ask? In either case, there’s only so much money and maybe not enough. The difference is the mindset going in, which will greatly impact the end result! “I can’t” is very final and will usually be the end of that. “I choose” keeps you powerful, and keeps the door open for anything to happen! It also empowers you to keep making choices, stand by them, find options & be resourceful.

What does this mean to you as far as your wedding budget? Simply put, it means you have a LOT of choices ahead of you in your journey from saying “Yes” to “I do!” You will choose to marry, have a wedding on such & such date, and choose the location, guest list, food, style, all the vendors, AND your budget. You can choose to start saving early, plan your wedding on your current budget or move your wedding date out to give you more time to save, and/or consider how you might earn extra money to afford your choices. You will choose how much you will spend on each part of your wedding based partly on what things cost and how important each area is to you.

When we got married 8 years ago, we had a certain budget that we determined we would not go beyond and we would not go into debt. We paid cash up front for everything. We chose to pay a little more for our dinner reception, to have fewer guests, and to go with a less expensive wedding gown, etc. We looked for some side jobs to earn extra money for a couple things we wanted to pay more for. We didn’t say “We can’t afford this or that.” We said, “We choose to have this and not that,” and in looking back, we can tell you that we had the wedding we CHOSE which made it the wedding of our dreams.

There are lots of articles out there with information and inspiration on what your wedding budget should be (and tools for wedding budgeting), what % of your budget is suggested to spend on each part of your wedding, and ideas on how to save and/or even earn extra money to help with your budget. The Knot has a great wedding budgeting tool ( and has information about wedding costs. You can Google “how to save money on my wedding” for more information.

The bottom line is this: Be in control of your wedding and the choices you make, and feel empowered to have the wedding of your dreams. Success in this (and really every area of your life) almost always comes down to determination, hard work, resourcefulness, & a resolve to not be limited by “I can’t,” but be empowered by “I choose.”

Leave us a comment with any thoughts you have on this topic.

Until next time, Dream BIG & Love WELL, friends!

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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Christine Spitzer November 19, 2013 at 4:59 pm

This was very helpful information! Well done!


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