Change Your Mind… and Change Your Life!

by rickandteresa on July 29, 2013

Blog July 29 2013 Change Your Mind... and Change Your Life!

People ask us, “Do you do your photography business full time?” and then they are curious to know how we are able to make it work in this economy. It isn’t easy. The answer is really about mindset. We are of the mindset that with God, anything is possible, and our dreams are worth pursuing.

It wasn’t always like that. We grew up in a generation and an environment that taught that the ingredients to a good life were a good education, a good job, and a good retirement account. We were taught that it’s not realistic to expect to earn a living doing what you love, and that most of us “regular” people will probably not get to live our dreams. It would probably be in our best interest to not be too attached to our dreams.

For us, the way it happened was like this in a nutshell… We lived as adults for a while not thinking much about God and slowly but surely making a big mess of our lives. Then suddenly, God shows up and rescues us, gives us a second chance at life and we start to learn about who He really is and who He says we really are. It’s far too much to write here (and the Bible says it all!), but suffice to say that He is a big powerful God who created us in His image to do great things!

We were married and had our first son, and we had our 9 to 5 weekday jobs and our photography business as a weekend side job. The dream on our heart was to have a family of at least 2 kids, to be at home raising our kids together, and to do our photography business full time. At the time we had this idea that our dream would happen someday but not right then.

And then suddenly the economy changed and within two years, we gained a second child but lost our day jobs and our house. Suddenly we were doing the thing we said was our dream except it didn’t look the way we thought ~ as a result of seeming setback, we were doing the photography business full time and both at home taking turns with the two boys.

It was scary at first but we trusted in God and His goodness. In the process of wrestling with what God was doing and what this was all meaning for us, we came to realize… We were being handed our dream right then. It was not something in the far out future that we maybe would or wouldn’t someday realize. We were suddenly LIVING OUR DREAM!

At least, that is the higher perspective we have chosen! We decided to change our mind… and our lives! We received all that happened to us as an invitation to see our lives in a different way, and to see God working to give us our dream.

We dream the photography business would not only bring in enough to pay our monthly bills, but that we would build a solid profitable business that would employ others, build a legacy and inheritance for our boys, and also help fund christian mission and ministry efforts. In short, our dream is to be world influencers and changers.

Our dream is unfolding as we live it and as we understand more about what God is calling us to, and what that looks like day to day. We serve and minister to our family and those who God puts before us the best we can. As we are faithful in the small things, He gives us more. We maintain a heart of GRATITUDE for what He has done and how He cares for us, and how He cares for YOU. We look forward to helping others understand better their calling and what’s possible for those who change their mind, leave the shore and live the adventure that God has for them… and realize their dreams!!

Dream BIG and Love WELL, friends!

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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