Begin With the End [Picture] In Mind

by rickandteresa on August 12, 2013

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “Begin with end in mind?” (Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) Well, the way we apply it to wedding photography and our couples, is working with them before wedding day to think through just how the photography is going to go.

After all, it’s just THE most important day of your life (up to that point, anyway!) and the day some brides have looked forward to their whole lives. It’s our honor to serve our couples well and help them to get the best possible memories and results from their wedding photography.

So here is what we ask of our couples… Think about not only how you will end this most special day of your life in a way that puts an exclamation point on your nuptials, but also how it will be captured in a photograph in such a way that allows you to relive the full moment and emotion every time you see the picture.

That kind of photograph takes a little bit of planning and, depending on the details of your plans, some expertise by your photographer. In the case of our couple in this photograph, they needed to make sure the venue would allow the sparklers, coordinate with the wedding party to have the car decorated and positioned, and, of course, coordinate with us to ensure we had our camera and lighting ready and positioned. Then they needed to linger at the car and not just rush away.

Our advice to all couples planning their wedding day is to prepare a detailed run sheet of the day making sure to include a timeline of the photography sessions for the day (i.e. getting ready session, pre- and post-ceremony formals, bride and groom formal session, etc.). And be sure to consider and include how you want the story of your day to end in pictures, and coordinate with your photographer and venue to help make your vision happen. Remember, if you don’t plan for it, it may not happen!

We hope this helps you get better wedding photographs.

Dream BIG and Love WELL, Friends!

~ Rick and Teresa Anderson

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