3 Wedding Photography Myths Busted!

by rickandteresa on August 20, 2013

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Having been professional wedding photographers for quite a few years now, we have kept our eyes and ears open for what’s happening in the industry, and we’ve met and worked with a LOT of couples. There are 3 prevailing myths out there surrounding wedding photography, and right now we are busting them!

Wedding Photography Myth #1: You don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Your friend from college or Uncle Bob will do a fine job. They may not be professionals, but they take a decent photo and have a decent camera. TRUTH: While many people are able to take decent photos and might have a decent camera, photographing a wedding beautifully is a skill that requires practice as well as natural talent. A professional wedding photographer anticipates the photographic opportunities, knows how to make the most of them, and most importantly, has the ability (and talent) to “see” what others may not which is a key element in creating amazing and memorable images. A professional knows how to stay relaxed and flexible with the surprises that may come up during your day, how to help you stay relaxed, how to blend in with your event and not interrupt the flow or draw undue attention away from you or what is supposed to be happening. It’s your WEDDING day, after all, and when all is said and done, you’ll have only your ring and your photographs to help you remember and relive the day.

Wedding Photography Myth #2: You can’t afford professional photography for your wedding. You are working with a certain budget and after you’ve secured the venue of your dreams, written out your guest list, and listed all of your must-haves at your wedding, there isn’t enough left for quality professional photography. TRUTH: Your wedding will cost something, and require you to have a budget and make choices about how to allocate within your budget. You will have to determine either what you have to work with now, or how much it will take to afford your dream wedding, and figure out what you will do to raise or save the money.

If you’re convinced that professional photography is a must (and if not, go back and read above in Myth #1!), then you should anticipate spending approximately 10 to 15% of your overall budget, OR around $2000 minimum for quality professional photography regardless of your overall budget (it could be more or less depending on the package and/or the price structure of the photographer). Our suggestion is to list all of the “dream” elements to your wedding and then put them in order of importance. Keeping in mind that your very best memories of all that you spend on the day will come from the photographs, decide up front to set aside at least the minimum cost of professional photography and then pick and choose and scale back or look for alternative options for the rest of the wedding design elements.

Wedding Photography Myth #3: You only need the image files. The minimum digital package is fine for now, all you need is electronic files, and you’ll print some sort of album or print some images on your own later. TRUTH: In all our years of photographing weddings, we have seen that most of the couples who decide to forego any printed products including a wedding album, thinking that they will do “something” with their image files later, don’t do it! Sadly, many couples aren’t even sure where to find their image files anymore after one or two years go by and they start having children, etc. All their good intentions at the outset didn’t help ensure they would have a gorgeous wedding album to page through or a beautiful canvas gallery wrap hanging in their home to enjoy. Your professional photographer, being an artist with an eye for design, will know just how to create an album that captures the emotion of your day and tells the story in a lovely way. In addition, your photographer will have the skill to edit the photos in your album or wall prints so that the images are near perfection and you look your very best.

There you have it. We’ve busted 3 wedding photography myths and now you know the truth! 🙂  If we can help you at all in understanding more about why you should go with a professional wedding photographer, or serve you in any of your wedding photography needs, we would be honored to be invited into one of the most special journeys of your life, going from your engagement to the aisle.

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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Rick and Teresa Anderson owners of Anderson Images have been professional photographing weddings in Northern CA (and beyond!) for over 20 years. They are available for travel. Connect with them on Facebook!

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