FREE Photo Booth Offer *Limited Time*

by rickandteresa on August 29, 2014

Offer1 e1409349946924 FREE Photo Booth Offer *Limited Time*

It’s true. For a limited time we are offering a FREE photo booth for your wedding reception when you book a minimum 6-hr wedding photography package with us for your 2014 wedding. This is an $800 dollar value. Simply sign up here on our website to find out more about our offer and if your date is available.

Hurry, before this offer ends! Oh, and pass this along to friends who might benefit from this offer!

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick and Teresa Anderson



Final Days for FREE Prints ~ OOPS!

by rickandteresa on August 26, 2014

0099 e1409074443731 Final Days for FREE Prints ~ OOPS!


Hope you’ve enjoyed a fantastic summer. We just realized a mistake we made! We posted an August special to Facebook, but forgot to email you about it…. It’s time to book your family, engagement, or senior portrait session for the fall and we want to help motivate you by offering a FREE 11×17 if you book by August 31st. That’s just a few days away, so email us right away to get your free print.

As you decorate your home for fall, don’t forget to update your decor with a beautiful portraits of your family or you and your significant other. We’d love to help you create amazing wall art that never goes out of style.

Email today:

Dream BIG and love WELL,

~Rick and Teresa Anderson

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Oh My, We Are Honored

by rickandteresa on June 24, 2014

IMG 5853 e1403650690564 Oh My, We Are Honored

We were thrilled to work with Nicole & Jarrod, whose gorgeous wedding we photographed this spring. Their love story is sweet and we were blessed to be part of it, if just for a day. Today we were honored to receive an amazing review from them and we just had to share it because it reflects our passion for serving our clients and creating beautiful images. Nicole writes:

I was so blessed to have Anderson Images photograph my wedding. Teresa Anderson was always so quick to return an email. Rick Anderson made us feel very comfortable with his knowledge of the art and efficient manner. When the wedding day came, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND our already high expectations. We gave permission to post some of our photos online. It was such a great surprise to wake up a random morning to find a beautiful picture of events at out wedding. I loved it. All the pictures posted were beautifully edited to perfection, and I was told by anyone who saw them how gorgeous they are. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any event, especially weddings!

This review marks our 25th review on Wedding Wire, and if you’d like to read the others you may do so at:

It is our great pleasure to work with you to make you shine, capture your memories, and tell your story in the most stunning way. If you or someone you know may be in need of wedding or portrait photography, please do contact us or forward this to them.

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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SO Many Choices! How Do You Pick?!

by rickandteresa on April 9, 2014

img 3291 e1397070654902 SO Many Choices! How Do You Pick?!

Wedding planning experts suggest that your first order of business after getting engaged is: set your date, book your venue, then book your photographer. Sometimes you will book your venue first, and that will determine your date. In either case, the very next thing is to book your photographer. Why? Because chances are, your date is 12 months or less away, and your favorite photographers are getting booked at least 6 to 12 months out, and many times 12 to 18 months out.

You might think, “But there are so many photographers out there, I’m sure to find SOMEONE available,” and that’s true; however, not all photographers are the same. And the best ones are booking well in advance. Now you might wonder, what makes a photographer better? And, how important is it that I have a good photographer at my wedding?

Well, here are some of our thoughts in answer to those questions… What makes a photographer better can be summarized in 3 words: Experience, Professionalism, and Personal Connection. We believe the question of why you should have a good photographer at your wedding will be answered by reviewing what makes a photographer better. Experience is important, of course, because it is what ensures your photographer will get all the  important shots of the day, will give you beautiful & consistent results from start to end, and will be able to easily adapt to whatever happens during the day (the expected AND unexpected, which ALWAYS happens!). Experience is what gives your photographer confidence, flexibility, and the ability to be more creative. An experienced photographer will give you a delightful variety of images and match the styles of imagery you like best, while being sure to also give you a complete body of work that meets the critical expectations of not just you as the bride or groom, but of ALL your closest family and friends! When you meet with prospective photographers, do not be shy about asking directly: how long have you been photographing weddings professionally? Our recommendation is to look for photographers with at least 5 years of professional wedding experience, or at least 20 weddings under their belt. We have photographed over 200 weddings over 15 years, and we can tell you, there is nothing like actual wedding photography experience for building consistency, confidence & adaptability into a wedding photographer.

Professionalism is SO important and it comes with not just a disciplined & committed work ethic, but also with experience! Professionalism means your photographer is able to conduct business with you easily, conveniently and with integrity. We love this definition of professionalism: the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. You want to be treated with courtesy & respect, to be able to rely on your photographer to exercise good judgment and skillfully take care of you from the interview & booking process, through all your photography sessions & wedding day, all the way to delivering your final product. Yes, you want gorgeous pictures! But you also want professionalism from your photographer! And you know what? The more you’re able to see your photographer’s professionalism at work during your interview, the happier you can expect to be when your final images & products are delivered. Professionalism means your photographer is on time or better yet early to appointments, has as an easy/convenient contracting & payment system, writes out the details of services, keeps all appointments, and ensures your complete satisfaction throughout your experience with him/her. It also means your photographer uses reliable equipment, software and other current technology & processes, has back ups, and knows what to do in every situation.

The third important thing we want to stress to you is Personal Connection. Note that we did not indicate price. Not that price isn’t something you need to consider, but it should NOT drive your final decision! You absolutely need to have a budget for professional photography. Just like you are paying for a quality venue, with good food, and a nice dress, beautiful flowers, etc, it should go without saying that your best chances of truly reliving and enjoying all of your investment into your wedding day, will be in having amazing & fabulous pictures of every detail and emotion of your day! You should expect to pay AT LEAST $2,000 for basic professional photography. More, depending on what you want included in your wedding package, and which photographers you are thinking about for your wedding.

Okay, that was a little tangent. Back to Personal Connection. It’s the third most important thing after experience & professionalism because you absolutely want and need to have rapport with your photographer. After all, they are spending the most important day of your life (up to that point anyway) standing just feet away from you ALL DAY! You want to feel that you relate well to each other, that there is a mutual understanding, even a bond. In today’s busy busy world, we are seeing more and more that couples are willing to book photography over the internet without even meeting first. That can be fine, and as far as we are concerned, we are instantly your friend and bonded and committed to you and giving you our very best, the moment we first “meet” online and whether or not we ever meet you before your wedding day! But we would recommend, that if you can, meet your prospective photographers first. At least 2 different photographers, and see if you can feel the difference in the Personal Connection you feel with them. Be sure to do a save the date and/or engagement session with your photographer as well. A good photographer will build that session into your wedding package because it’s so important to work together & deepen the connection between you before wedding day.

We can tell you that our heart is to be personally connected to our clients. We want to feel, share, and experience together our mutual commitment to creating and delivering the BEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL images possible to you, our client and our friend!

Whether or not you are thinking of using us to photograph your wedding, ask us any questions, any time. We are here to help you have a better wedding photography experience! Comment below or contact us to share your thoughts and questions. Happy Wedding Planning!

Dream Big & Love Well,

~Rick & Teresa Anderson

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Today’s Secrets To Getting & Keeping Customers

by rickandteresa on April 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014 04 01 at 7.25.07 PM copy e1396406397503 Todays Secrets To Getting & Keeping Customers

As a professional photography business, one of our first-and-foremost goals is to make you, our client, look your very best. Why? Because we understand that YOUR goal is to look your very best, to put your best “face” forward. Having great images helps further you in your endeavors, especially when it comes to business. Whether we are photographing the business person or the person’s business, we really want to help you succeed. When you shine, we shine!

And when it comes to your business, we relate to you as a business. We understand the challenges of running a business and growing a client base, as we face the same challenges. We are on the same team with you, going after our entrepreneurial dreams and wanting to make our mark in this world doing what we love and supporting our families, and giving back to our communities! We know your dream is the same.

One of the main reasons we love doing the Google Business View photography and creating 360 tours for businesses, is because we truly see the value in the program as a marketing tool. Today’s customers are online searching for where they will visit and shop, and being able to experience the 360 tour of a business only HELPS the decision making process!

We are also learning the value of a customer loyalty program in growing your business. What is that? It’s a system of rewards and incentives to inspire customers to keep coming back and to continue to buy from you. What makes for an effective customer loyalty program? Here are a few things: Giving generous rewards, Keeping the program easy to understand, Keeping the program fun and engaging for the customer, Designing the program to truly benefit the customer (study and KNOW your client!!!), and Takes advantage of current technology.

In a nutshell, a good customer loyalty program will help to differentiate your business from others in this highly competitive marketplace where simply being “the cheapest” isn’t enough (and, let’s face it, isn’t profitable!). You want and need to give your customers reasons to keep coming back and to keep buying!

Are you doing everything you can to use current and effective marketing strategies to acquire, grow & retain your client base? TALK TO US about Google Business View and how a 360 tour can give your business an online facelift, and bring your business to life, AND how a customer loyalty program might benefit you.

When you shine, we shine! We want to help you succeed and put your best “face” forward. Please comment below or contact us to talk more about how we can help you!

To Your Success,

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson