Your Happiest Day Remembered Beautifully

by rickandteresa on January 26, 2015

IMG 9316 2 e1422313429879 Your Happiest Day Remembered Beautifully

It is so exciting to see so many couples getting engaged. It really gives us a thrill. Yes, partly because we do hope that we get to photograph your engagement session or wedding, but also just because love unfolding is so wonderful to watch.

This year will be our ten year anniversary, and we can remember our wedding day and those months leading up to it, like it was yesterday. It was the most special time in our lives up to the point (and until we started having children!). And it went by so fast. We are very thankful for the pictures we have.

It’s super important to us to document your “best day ever” beautifully, and we hope it’s important to you, too. Your flowers will fade, you may never wear that dress or that tux again, all those special touches you made part of your day… and most importantly, all that lovely emotion you felt on that “day of days,” all of it, should be captured in gorgeous pictures. You deserve it, your love is worth it, and you’ll never regret the investment you make to get professional wedding photos.

As you set your date and find that perfect venue, be sure to contact us early to see if we have your date available. We’d love to customize a quote for a perfect wedding package for you.

Until then, Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick & Teresa

IMG 7831 e1415667828388 Your Happiest Day Remembered Beautifully


Spring Wedding Special (starts NOW!)

by rickandteresa on January 14, 2015

img 5842 2 3 e1421261480296 Spring Wedding Special (starts NOW!)

Okay, okay, we are not even a month into winter, but Spring IS just around the corner, yes? And if your wedding is between now and April 30, we want you to enjoy our Spring wedding special: 8-hr digital wedding package for $1,400 or wedding album package for $1,800. That’s almost a $1,000 saving from our regular pricing. AND we will do your engagement photos for free.

Why are we offering this? Because we believe in your love story, that yours and every love story is beautiful & deserving of celebration, and should be told and remembered in gorgeous photos. Let us tell yours.

We really want to work with you, and would be honored to be part of your happiest day. If you are looking for a full day wedding package or album package, OR if your event is smaller and you need less, we can customize a quote just for you. Ask us. Or, pass this to someone you know who is getting married.

Until then, Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~Rick & Teresa

IMG 7831 e1415667828388 Spring Wedding Special (starts NOW!)


Off To A Fantastic Start

by rickandteresa on January 9, 2015

IMG 0078 2 3 e1420768070532 Off To A Fantastic Start

Our bride & groom, featured above, are off to a fantastic start this year as newlyweds, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Our year is off to an excellent start too, having just been awarded the Couples Choice Award for 2015 by WeddingWire. A big thank you to all who reviewed us & helped us to earn the award. It is our honor to photograph so many amazing people & places.

We’d love to help you get off to a fantastic start this year as well, by offering some super deals, such as:

Weddings: Digital packages for less than $1,500 and album packages for less than $2,000. Free guest signing book or parent album if booked by Feb 14.

Photo Booth: Purchase a minimum 2-hr package and get a free hour, or 50% off when added to a wedding package. Book by Feb. 14 and get a second free hour.

Portraits: Senior or Engagement/Couple packages starting at $250, with free announcements included. Family portraits starting at $250, with free 11×14 mounted print included. Free photo book included with any portrait package if booked by Feb 14.

Google Business View: Show off your store, studio, office, or business with a 360 tour for $350 or less, any size tour. Contact us by Jan 30 to take advantage of this fantastic offer. This is an especially great offer for businesses with larger floor plans.

Quick, get in touch with us before it’s too late to find out more about our offers and to book your photography. And pass this along to your friends and family. We can’t wait to make you shine in 2015.

Until then, dream BIG and love WELL,

~Rick & Teresa

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Happy New Year: Reflections & Resolutions

by rickandteresa on January 1, 2015

HNY15 e1420138936188 Happy New Year: Reflections & Resolutions

Welcome to 2015!

It’s good for the heart to remember what God has done and be thankful. Here are some of our highlights from 2014:

Isaac improved dramatically in reading and in karate. We are very proud of how he has applied himself to seeing things through and not giving up. He impresses us daily with his thoughtfulness, curiosity, and exuberance for life.

Judah started preschool this year, and has us endlessly entertained us with his acrobatic antics, his affection for his big brother, and his playfulness.

We took trips to the snow, the Bay Area for family visits and work, a summer trip to New Castle, PA, annual Thanksgiving trip to Lake Tahoe and more trips to the Bay Area for the holidays. We love our family and enjoy traveling, and look forward to more in 2015.

We pressed into and focused even more on growing our photography business, and had an exciting year. We were increasingly busy all year with the things we love and helping people shine doing: weddings, portraits, photo booth and Google Business View. We made great connections, such as partnering as the exclusive photographer for a local magazine, and we added value to our services everywhere we could.

We are very thankful for all He provided and taught us, for our family & friends and good health, for play and for work, and we are hopeful for even more of His good plan unfolding in 2015.

Resolutions? Yes. Why? Well, not because it’s expected, or that we need to be busier, or we want another lofty goal we can’t meet. We aren’t looking to set ourselves up for disappointment, because we aren’t expecting perfection. We are a work in progress. We make resolutions because “without vision, people perish.” It’s good and right to have goals, to be intentional about personal growth, to look at areas that could use improvement or that are proper places for focus, and to purpose to change and grow in those areas. So, for 2015 we resolve to focus on 6 “C”s:

Christ: to know Him better and be more like Him

Character: to work on forming higher character and not giving in to our lower character traits

Connection: to value connection & relationships (and love) above all

Contentedness: to be at peace & glad for what we have while we still work & believe for more

Cheerful giving: to give of our time, talents & treasures as He leads, cheerfully

Careful: to be careful with our words & actions, paying attention to details, that others would experience from us kindness & excellence

There you have it. If we can manage to also lose 10 pounds, bring in a bunch more business, save 10% of our income, and get rid of at least 20% of the stuff we have piled and stored up around the house, so much the better.

Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to an amazing & abundant 2015!

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick & Teresa

IMG 7831 e1415667828388 Happy New Year: Reflections & Resolutions


Just Engaged: What’s Next?

by rickandteresa on December 29, 2014

img 9302 e1419884839170 Just Engaged: Whats Next?

If you just got engaged, congratulations! You have so much to look forward to, and so much to do! We can help. With tons of wedding experience, here’s our best advice:

1. Stay calm, don’t worry or stress, but also don’t delay in making a few plans right away. First, talk out your wedding day dreams with your spouse-to-be. What is most important in terms of the experience you want yourselves and others to have on your wedding day? What are a few details about your day that you desire most and that would help inspire the experience you’re going for? Write some notes to refer back to as you move along in your planning. This will help you to make decisions, stay focused, and achieve your most important goals.

2. You know that pictures will be what helps you relive the emotions and memories of your journey from “yes” to “I do.” All the time, energy, and money you invest in every detail, from big to small, you’ll want captured in the most beautiful way possible, right? As such, we advise you to consider how you want your wedding day (and even engagement pics) photographed. At a winery or in the city? Do you want a first look? Do you want amazing sunset pictures? Your next important steps will be to determine the date and venue, see if your dream photographer is available, and coordinate with your photographer on setting a wedding day timeline. Before making final decisions about the ceremony and reception times, check with your photographer about the ideal timing for things like the first look session, how/when to get all the details of the dress, shoes, rings, etc., how much time to plan between the ceremony and reception, and how/when you’re going to get those stunning sunset photos done. This is an area we’d love to help you in.

3. Get started getting the gorgeous pictures you’ve always dreamt of by booking your photographer and then scheduling your engagement pictures as soon as possible. Our greatest desire is to give you beautiful, inspired, rock-your-world photographs, and it starts with the engagement session (which is why our wedding packages always include the save-the-date/engagement session). We are excited to get to know you and help you get even more excited about your wedding day by producing creative and artful pictures that only a professional could, and do it even better. We’ll do your engagement session in such a way that allows you to have a fantastic and broad selection that you can start using right away for save-the-date cards (we’ll even design those for you as part of your package), that you can also use for creating a custom guest signing book featuring your lovely photos (we design that for you, too!), and printing as favors or for display at your reception.

Such a fun and joy-filled time it is from now until wedding day. Savor and enjoy every moment. Don’t expect perfection, but be perfectly happy with how things go, remembering that the very most important part of this time is the celebration of your love and union. And, contact us as soon as you’re ready to start planning & have us help you get the most beautiful photos possible. We can’t wait to get started with you. [Or pass this to a friend or family member who just got engaged.]

Until then, dream BIG and love WELL,

~Rick & Teresa

img 9029 2 e1419893335836 Just Engaged: Whats Next?