A Hope That Is Real

by rickandteresa on November 20, 2014

IMG 8279 e1416504677943 A Hope That Is Real

This week I heard someone say, in the midst of personal loss, that she still has “a hope that is real.” I love how she worded that. It describes exactly how I’ve felt since giving my life to the Lord, after coming to the end of my “alcoholic rope” and landing in pit of hopeless despair. I gave Him my life and He gave me a hope that is real, and He continues to do that still today.

Hopelessness is devastating and paralyzing. Why bother to do anything that is good when you have no hope?

I used to think that having hope was dependent on my circumstances. If things were going well, or looking positive, THEN I could have hope. THEN I might feel energized by that hope to do something positive in my life, or at least come out my moping. I have come to learn that that is NOT the real kind of hope.

Real hope is not dependent on circumstances. It comes BEFORE anything good happens and in spite of anything bad happening in your life. Real hope isn’t something you have to “drum up.” It just is. And how is that possible? For me, it isn’t possible outside of God. When you come to accept and believe that there is a real God, with a real love for you, who would do anything for you, even die for you (and He did!), whose plan for you is for good, then you get to experience real hope.

That kind of hope believes anything is possible, it’s never too late, there’s every good reason to just start doing something good and positive in your life, and keep doing that. And if you have a setback, a difficult challenge, a moment of uncertainty, or even a terrible loss, that real hope still lives in you.

I pray for you today for a hope that is real that sustains you and allows you to know that anything is possible if you believe.

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Teresa

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Moments Caught In Time

by rickandteresa on November 13, 2014

6312 e1415918736416 Moments Caught In Time

Here we are in the throws of family portrait season, and we actually recently did our own family pictures, and it’s got me thinking about why taking family pictures is so special. Our boys are 7 and 3, and they are changing and growing up SO FAST. Sometimes we look at them, their adorable grins & big wide eyes & little things they do with their faces, and we wish we could make that moment stand still and last for all time. And so we snap TONS of photos with our phones. You know what I mean!

All those phone pics are great, and I enjoy them when I look through… But when I sorted through the portraits Rick took during our recent professional photo shoot, my heart soared at the beautifully captured images of our family. Pictures are personal. They reflect the essence of our loved one & evoke an emotional response in us.

We know life is super busy, pictures cost money, and it might seem stressful to think of gathering up the kids for professional pictures, but, really, it’s worth it and not that much money & effort when you have the beautiful results in hand. Our clients always tell us that Rick is great with the kids, and a patient & experienced professional. One family recently told us, “Rick didn’t just take our pictures, he helped us make memories.”

Let us help you make memories AND beautiful portraits to update your home decor AND be done in time for holiday cards & gifts. If we can book your session by December 6th, you can have prints / cards done in time for Christmas AND we will gift you a finished mount 11×14 print. Contact us today.

And if you’d like an idea of backdrops and styles, check out our family portrait gallery on Facebook.

Here are my personal favorites from our session….

andersoncollage e1415922156974 Moments Caught In Time

We look forward to taking YOUR favorite pictures, too.

~ Teresa Anderson


Love. Life. Family.

by rickandteresa on November 11, 2014

baby announcements e1415665043735 Love. Life. Family.

We love our job. Being part of the most special times of your life is an honor and a privilege. We especially love when we get to photograph your wedding, then your first baby, and then your beautiful new twins. And it gets even more fun when you trust us to not only do the photography for you, but also design your greeting / announcement cards.

Your photographs are meant to be looked at and enjoyed, and what does that better than beautifully designed greeting cards to show off your family, senior, or newborns? The sample here shows a 2-sided 5×7 vertical format to be press printed on high quality card stock.

Let us photograph and design your special greeting or announcement card to remember and show off the most important times of your life. Contact us for pricing.

Here’s to love, life, & family.

~ Rick & Teresa

IMG 7831 150x150 Love. Life. Family.



Don’t Look Back With Regret

by rickandteresa on November 7, 2014

5312c e1415317109583 Dont Look Back With Regret

We’ve heard it more than few times. “We should have hired a professional photographer to do our pictures.” Don’t let that be you. So much goes into your wedding. All the details are special and important. And not just your wedding, but also important events like milestone birthdays, pregnancies, children being born & growing up, being a high school senior, and so on… You might think you couldn’t possibly forget how it all looked and felt, but you do.

Pictures help you not only remember, but RELIVE. And professional photography gives you beautiful pictures that help you not only to recall the special details, but also to experience again all the emotion, meaning, joy & wonder of the seasons of your life.

We are passionate about capturing and creating the best possible images for you to enjoy for a lifetime. And so for the rest of this month we are offering something free to go with whatever photography package you purchase.

Some of what we are offering includes: Free parent albums to go with your wedding album. Or a free 2-hour photo booth to go with your wedding photography package. Or a free 11×4 mounted print to go with any portrait session. We want to gift you this month, so if you’re interested in photography services at all, contact us & tell us what you’re looking for. We’d love to offer you something free and a deal you can’t pass up. Contact us today, before the month is over.

Please share this with a friend! Everyone should have beautiful images to relive their most special times… icon smile Dont Look Back With Regret

Dream BIG & Love WELL,

~Rick & Teresa


Studio Pictures You’ll Love

by rickandteresa on November 3, 2014

karatecollage e1415055945947 Studio Pictures Youll Love

Recently we had the great pleasure of photographing the students at Miladi Karate Academy for their annual picture day. It’s super fun to do these pictures because of the enthusiasm of the student. Looking proper in their gees, they pose either with a smile or a serious karate look. From beginner to black belt, we help each one to shine in their portrait.

We are not a mega-corporation, we are more of a “mom and pop” shop. But we take our business very seriously and we are passionate about providing the highest quality of photography and strive for the utmost in professionalism. For our clients, that means they can count on the fact that we put a lot of thought and prep time into being ready for picture day.

Preparing for picture day involves thinking through all the aspects of achieving our goal in the portraits, from the backdrop to the lighting, to the package ordering process. We are sure to have all of the professional equipment needed for the job in good working order. We arrive early, set up quickly, get through all the portraits smoothly, tear down & clear out without fuss. In many cases we are able to process and post a proof gallery online for our clients the same day.

Whether it’s karate, dance, gymnastics, school or other indoor portrait project, we love our job & our passion is to make you shine, and serve you well. Our pricing is extremely reasonable & excellent client service is our goal. Contact us about photographing your studio & school, and let us create amazing portraits for you.

~ Rick & Teresa