My Transformed Life ~ Part II

by rickandteresa on October 31, 2014


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It’s my birthday! So, another reflective post to give you HOPE.

Failure is not an option. For some time I’ve been pondering this mindset… Drug addicts are committed to succeed every day at supporting their drug habit. They do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal. It doesn’t matter if they feel sick, tired, not-up-to-the-task, how hard it might seem, or what obstacles are in the way. They don’t take no for an answer. If they fail at one attempt, they keep at it until they succeed.

In my case, it was alcohol & sometime drugs, and in either case, I was as committed as I could possibly be to the goal of securing one or both. It’s interesting to me to remember those feelings of determination, and the all-consuming relentless pursuit of the goal, undeterred by being broke or scared or having withdrawals or warrants out for my arrest. Crazy, right?!

Finally, finally, thank God, I surrendered that lifestyle and my addictions, and made a new commitment in my life: to live God’s plan for me, His way, the best I can. It’s a different relentless pursuit from before, to be all that He created me to be, to live free from addiction and wrong-thinking, to realize my highest calling, to live my dreams of helping my husband build a hugely successful photography business, of being a writer & sharing a message of hope to the world, of raising our boys into wise & godly men, of traveling the world, and of building & leaving a lasting legacy.

It ‘s not easy, and it occurs to me that I have to work harder at determining to succeed than I did at determining to live like an addict. It’s sometimes easier to just be safe, rest, and just get by. I no longer think about drugs & alcohol, that part of me is gone. Now I have to say no to complacency!

My hope and desire is that I (all of us) would be as committed to succeed at the noble & best things in life as I was at the harmful things in life, and that failure would not be an option. I pray this for me and for you today, and that you would stay in HOPE. icon smile My Transformed Life ~ Part II



My Transformed Life ~ Part I

by rickandteresa on October 27, 2014

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I don’t post a lot of personal notes but today I feel inspired to share something personal with you. A couple months ago I celebrated my 13th sobriety anniversary. That happens in August and then my birthday is in October. So every year between these two months I tend to be somewhat reflective. Where I’ve and where I am today are two completely different places. I was so lost at one point, that at age 34 I found myself in a place where I was by myself with no job, no money, no man, no children, no prospects, no hope, not even a car or a home, so severely alcoholic and in debt. I was actually not even able to imagine a life where I wasn’t dependent on alcohol, or a life where I was sober and lived “normally” as a wife, mother, or career woman. The once bright-eyed young college graduate with so much potential, was gone forever I thought. But then at my lowest point, somehow, though destitute and without hope, some part of me decided that I really did want to live. I made a small change and began a journey of making many more small changes, and my life began to change in major miraculous ways. I made a decision and took an action, and at the time all I was capable of was something weak and small. But it started me moving in a different direction. If I could do it, seriously, anyone can do it. Today I have a husband and two children and we live in a nice home and I’m free of addiction, sober for 13 years. The house is rented not owned and we struggle every day with running a small business and managing our two young energetic boys, but I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for a chance to live sober, to experience all the joys and sometimes sorrows. I’m grateful for truly knowing that there is a God who loves me fiercely, who is committed to helping me live a life of purpose, and to loving others well. Maybe this will encourage you today and give you hope. -Teresa


FREE Photo Booth Offer *Limited Time*

by rickandteresa on August 29, 2014

Offer1 e1409349946924 FREE Photo Booth Offer *Limited Time*

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Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick and Teresa Anderson



Final Days for FREE Prints ~ OOPS!

by rickandteresa on August 26, 2014

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Hope you’ve enjoyed a fantastic summer. We just realized a mistake we made! We posted an August special to Facebook, but forgot to email you about it…. It’s time to book your family, engagement, or senior portrait session for the fall and we want to help motivate you by offering a FREE 11×17 if you book by August 31st. That’s just a few days away, so email us right away to get your free print.

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Dream BIG and love WELL,

~Rick and Teresa Anderson

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Oh My, We Are Honored

by rickandteresa on June 24, 2014

IMG 5853 e1403650690564 Oh My, We Are Honored

We were thrilled to work with Nicole & Jarrod, whose gorgeous wedding we photographed this spring. Their love story is sweet and we were blessed to be part of it, if just for a day. Today we were honored to receive an amazing review from them and we just had to share it because it reflects our passion for serving our clients and creating beautiful images. Nicole writes:

I was so blessed to have Anderson Images photograph my wedding. Teresa Anderson was always so quick to return an email. Rick Anderson made us feel very comfortable with his knowledge of the art and efficient manner. When the wedding day came, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND our already high expectations. We gave permission to post some of our photos online. It was such a great surprise to wake up a random morning to find a beautiful picture of events at out wedding. I loved it. All the pictures posted were beautifully edited to perfection, and I was told by anyone who saw them how gorgeous they are. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any event, especially weddings!

This review marks our 25th review on Wedding Wire, and if you’d like to read the others you may do so at:

It is our great pleasure to work with you to make you shine, capture your memories, and tell your story in the most stunning way. If you or someone you know may be in need of wedding or portrait photography, please do contact us or forward this to them.

Dream BIG and Love WELL,

~ Rick & Teresa Anderson

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